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How To Increase Your Retirement Income by 25% to 40%!


When one thinks of being smart with our money, it would seem that avoiding risk would be one of the main  aspects of a Smart Money Move!               

 Not having to worry about your money being subject to Downs of the market while only participating in "The UPs" of the market  would also be a key aspect of a Smart Money Move!    


 Since state & federal Income taxes represent anywhere from 25% to 40% of ones income today as well as in retirement, if we could legally avoid those income taxes, then we can easily increase one's retirement income by  25% to 40% or more!                           


Legal Disclaimer:

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Because insiders and better-informed speculators typically invest more, smart money can sometimes be spotted by greater than usual volume, especially when little or no public data exists to justify it. Knowing who the smart money is and when and where they're investing can be of great benefit to retail investors who want to ride the smart money's coattails.

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It is all about saving and accessing your money in the smartest way possible!